LaSasha Flame's Forbidden Fruit Anthology

Honey, I Fucked The Kids: A story featured in Forbidden Fruit by Jennifer Johnson

Bridgette never dreamed she’d have a life where her husband was gone and her stepkids hated her. Yet, she finds herself drowning in regrets as she blows out the candles on her 40th birthday. She makes a wish that changes everything for her, one that transforms her into the kind of mom who has a secret sexting buddy her stepson’s age, transformed into the kind of woman who will do anything to get her stepkids to love her.

It’s too bad she doesn’t see what’s coming, how her stepkids will be her downfall. Will she fall prey to her incestuous desires, and if she does, where will it lead?


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Breaking All the Rules

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LaSasha Flame has gotten together with some of her favorite up and coming authors to bring you an anthology of forbidden lust!

Don't miss Malek Montag's Caught by Illicit Cravings following Guy Feston and his unquenchable thirst for Simone Craven, his boss's wife! Or Jessa Melroy's Jessica's Naughty Mind featuring a young girl's dirty mind running wild with endless indecent fantasies of uncle Jeremy. And that's just the tip of the naughty iceberg!

7 taboo tales of what happens when you decide to pick the Forbidden Fruit! Deliciously Naughty!

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